Yealink VCC22 Video Conferencing Camera

Yealink VCC22 Video Conferencing Camera
  • 12x optical, Pan/Tilt/Zoom functionality
  • Full HD 1080p60 video quality
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Power supply/video/control three-in-one
  • 1+8 multi-camera solution with VC800
  • Multi-camera image splice
  • Camera layout adjustment
  • Up to 99 presets

DATASHEET: VCC22-Datasheet

Yealink VCC22 Video Conferencing Camera

Yealink VCC22 is a 1080p video conferencing camera for use with the Yealink 800 and Yealink 880 video conferencing systems. VCC22 features 12x optical zoom plus full pan and tilt functionality. Designed for large spaces like conference rooms and boardrooms, VCC22 has a wide but not too wide 70° horizontal field of view. The camera automatically adjusts focus, exposure, and white balance.

Yealink VCC22 is designed to connect to a PoE switch. From the switch, you connect to the video conferencing codec. Because of this split installation system, you’re able to connect up to 9 x VCC22 cameras to a single video conferencing codec using a single cable running from switch to codec. And because it’s connected to a PoE switch, you don’t need a separate power supply for the camera.


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