ZYCOO CooVox 2WCDMA Module (for China)

ZYCOO CooVox 2WCDMA Module (for China)
  • Number of channels per module 2
  • External antennas 2
  • SIM Cards
    • 2 total
    • 2 internally assembled
  • External power supply required – No
  • Interoperable module:
    • 4FXO
    • 4FXS
    • 2FXOS
    • 2/4 GSM
    • 4BRI
    • 1E1/T1(PRI)
  • Supported protocols – Voice (2G/3G)
  • Accessibility – Through Asterisk 1.8x

Environmental Operation Information

  • Temperature: 0-40 °C
  • Humidity: up to 95%, non-condensing

Physical Dimensions

  • 90×132 mm




The ZYCOO CooVox 2WCDMA Module is designed with the SIM5320 series module. SIM5320 is a Dual-Band WCDMA and Quad- band GSM engine that works on frequencies UMTS 850MHz, UMTS 900MHz, UMTS 1900MHz, UMTS 2100MHz, GSM 850MHz, EGSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz and PCS 1900MHz.

The ZYCOO 2WCDMA Module supports WCDMA connections for CooVox IP Phone Systems. Each port has one LED(Light-Emitting Diodes), which is assembled on the mainboard.

The LED indicates port status:

  • Solid = Module loading successfully
  • Blink = Channel Ringing If the LED is off, the WCDMA module fails to load.

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